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I’m done by Alynxtraza


    I’m done by Alynxtraza

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Uhhh… You got it




    Uhhh… You got it


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  7. It hurts..

    Knowing that you won’t even try for me when I would do anything to make you love me.. Why did I fall for the most perfect girl I know, knowing ill get heartbroken.. :( this is all wrong, and your the only right in my life.. I wish you were here forever, feeling the moment of depression knowing ill never looking into your beautiful eyes, never kissing your sweet lips, never holding you perfect body and never whispering ‘I love you’ into your ears :( fuck I’m such a mess… If you were my final kiss before I leave.. I’ll never fall for another girl. I love you Marianne.. I wish you would show me really that you feel the same :(

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  10. Pizza


    I’m gonna’ eat the fuck out of you!

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